How To Deep Clean Your Kitchen in 10 minutes a day

My kitchen always seems to be dirty.  All those home cooked meals and snacks - it is a constant cycle of doing dishes, wiping down counters, and sweeping floors.  Sometimes I feel like the deep cleaning doesn't get done because I'm so busy doing the everyday cleaning. Here is my solution.  And this is advice I need to take myself...I have made this is my goal - to keep my kitchen clean, hygenic, and from getting out of hand.

So together we are gonna go from here: (please tell me everyone's kitchen looks like this sometimes)

To here:

Deep cleaning your kitchen can be overwhelming, so I'm gonna break it down for ya.  To make it easier to get such a big job done - and we're gonna do it in 10 minutes a day (maybe a few extra minutes here and there...but the standard is 10 minutes.)  A little trick my mom used to do when we were growing up, and a trick that will help you too is to set your timer.  When my mom gave us chores as kids she would set the timer.  It kept us focused and made the job seem like it wasn't that big of a deal - so we're gonna do the same.  Set your timer - give yourself 10 minutes with no distractions.

This list is assuming that you are doing your dishes daily, wiping your counters down daily, and sweeping daily.  Of course there will be days here and there where you aren't able to do these daily tasks - but as a normal the 3 basics need to be done each day.  It's a pain - I know it, but it has to be done.

Here we go:

Day 1 - Wipe down the outsides of your appliances.

Day 2 - Wipe down the outsides of your cabinets.  A Magic Eraser is my favorite method.

Day 3 - Deep clean your sink.  I like to wet the entire thing, sprinkle with Comet and use a green scrubber pad and a little elbow grease to make it sparkle.

Day 4 - Clean the outsides of small appliance like mixers, can openers, and blenders.

Day 5 - Deep clean your counters by removing all items - canisters, small appliance, fruit bowl - everything.  Use a bleach based cleanser to wipe down the entire surface.  I like the Clorox wipes or the Clorox Clean Up spray.

Day 6 - Purge expired foods and leftovers from your fridge.  Remove all items from your fridge and wipe down surfaces.  Give yourself an extra 10 minutes for this one.

Day 7 - Mop the floor. Put towels and wash rags in the laundry. My favorite mops?  Either the Shark Steam Mop of the Swiffer Wet Jet.

Day 8 - Clean your microwave.  Have caked on food?  Try putting a bowl of water in the microwave for 3 minutes to loosen the food - then wipe clean.

Day 9 - Deep clean your stovetop.

Day 10 - Remove all items from your freezer and wipe down surfaces (may take an extra 10 minutes.)

Day 11- Wipe down walls and baseboards. Dust around the room where the ceiling meets the wall to get rid of cobwebs.

Day 12 - Tackle your oven.  If you have a self cleaning oven, turn it on in the morning and let it run - then wipe out the remains.  If you don't have a self cleaning oven - try Easy Off oven spray overnight.  Spray it on, let it sit overnight and then wipe it out in the morning.  This one may take a few extra minutes - but its worth it.  If you keep your oven under control you won't have to spend an entire day cleaning out all the caked on stuff.

Day 13 -  Wash windows inside and out.  Wipe down window seals.

Day 14 - Mop the floor. Put towels and wash rags in the laundry.


Also - every 6 months it is a good idea to remove everything from your cabinets and wipe them down.  If this job seems daunting - you can break this one down too.  Do one cabinet per day until you have completed the task.

To keep this list handy download your free printable.  I suggest taping it to the inside of your pantry for a quick reminder.

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  1. I love the list! It's very helpful. Deep cleaning is a continual thing in a busy household. I do sometimes use a deep cleaning service.


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