Welcome to our Cooking Lifestyle blog! We used to be just recipes, but now we are SO much MORE! As you will see as your browse around we have hundreds of our best recipes. We have beautiful FREE printables, cooking tips, eating healthy tips, party/holiday ideas, kids name it we probably got it! If we don't- ask us. :)

NOW- read on to see how we started::..

4 years ago I was living in Michigan, chillin with a bunch of friends. After going to a few different parties- and wanting all my friends recipes I thought, Why not start a group blog, where we can all post our would save me hundreds of hours of asking over and over "can I have that recipe?"  
So I called up my sis- and in my best jersey accent I said "Yo Sis! wha'do ya say? you wanna do this blog together?" (ok, maybe it didn't got exactly like that) and she said yes! 

So Her and I, She and Me, Me and her, have been blogging on this here blog for quite a while. We have friends participate when their busy lives allow. Bless their hearts.

 It wasn't till the past 6 months that we said. "Yo Sis, ya wanna make somethin' of it?" 
and we did. Cause we love this blog. We believe in this blog. It has timeless recipes, our favorite dishes and as crazy as it sounds- (not as crazy as my jersey accent)- fond memories. 

NOW: here is a little but about our contributors. 

First us- 

I am totally a country mouse living in the city. My husband just graduated from school. I stay at home with 3 crazy beautiful kids. I have always loved cooking, but especially now- if I have to do it 3 times a day I might as well make it fun and delicioso, right? I love reading a good book, coke icee's, date night especially when movie theatre popcorn is involved, a fresh off the grill carne asada taco, Friday's, hot showers, decorating, photography & any kind of FOOD- from any where!
 To see more about Me click here.

 Hello there! I'm Aubrey, Des's sis. Isn't she awesome? Love her. {She is seriously as sweet and beautiful as she looks in that picture, not to mention a talented cook.}  She founded the blog and together we produce! We are always conspiring about the latest tasty treat we've had or the new idea for the blog. We have fun together!  I publish recipes as well as help with the technical mumbo jumbo of this blog and LoVe it!

I am a wife, mother and a nurse. Translation: I have a lot of picky mouths to feed and healthy is my priority! That is why I cook. My family eats real food, fresh food and tasty food and I honestly don't slave away to do it. Planning and preparation help make family dinners come together. I tend to favor simple recipes that can be made for the busy week night, but sometimes find it fun to splurge on a dinner party or weekend treat. {Mmmm.. the Every Occasion White Cake is probably my little devil}. Love to bake! Love to eat and be healthy!  More about me HERE. Signing as "Aubrey."

*There are several contributors to this blog! many of the recipes are not "ours." Most of the contributors are family and friends who we know to be great cooks.

Born and raised a vegetarian, I'm constantly experimenting with new "cruelty free" recipes that my family can enjoy without giving up the "meat" of a meal! My days consist of park days, walking, running errands, Disneyland and of course cooking! Click HERE for my personal blog. Look for my vegetarian recipes signed as "Chad and Carly."

I love to cook.  I love to try new recipes.  I wasn't always this way.  Before I was married I lived on granola bars, crackers, and take out.  When I became engaged to my husband his mother scared me into cooking.   She knew that I wasn't interested in getting busy in the kitchen and asked if I was prepared to start cooking for a family.  She said that she had never cooked anything but tuna noodle casserole and chocolate chip cookies before she got married. When her husband expected a meal after they were wed she panicked.  Her little chat with me did get my wheels turning about making dinner for a family.  Growing up I remember sitting down to a set table every night and eating dinner as a family.  During my first few months of marriage I scoured the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and tried a few recipes.  To my surprise they were delicious...and easy!  I was hooked!  Since then I have enjoyed cooking and collecting recipes.

Besides whipping up a yummy meal I enjoy crafting, decorating, reading, makeup and a good TV show.  I'm the wife to my tall, funny, and handsome husband Jim, and mommy to my sweet, chunky baby Blake.  Look for my posts signed "Kadee"

I'm Stephanie. I love food. Like, all of my favorite things revolve around eating, and I tend to leave social events feeling unfulfilled if food wasn't involved. In fact, one thing that disappoints me the most is anticipating an amazing meal, then being let down. My husband can definitely attest to this.
I was born and raised in Texas, and I love me some southern food! Fried chicken and mashed potatoes, grilled steak and asparagus, fried okra, but one of my favorite meals is a juicy burger and onion rings. Pure. Bliss.
Per my food obsession, I love cooking. Lately, my husband and I have taken less of a carnivore approach to our diet, so my horizons have broadened and I'm loving the versatility.
I'm also a nurse, a mom, and my favorite movie is Nacho Libre. My little guy, Parker, lit up our world last year and his smiles keep us going every day.

See me HERE and signing as "Stephanie Anderson"

While growing up in Southern California, I learned to like all types of food. Bread, pasta, and rice are my favorites. I LOVE carbs! Throughout my childhood, I watched my mom cook. She would let me sit on the kitchen counter while she was cooking and we would chat about my day. I now have a toddler and I cannot wait for the days that we get to spend time together in the kitchen. I started to enjoy cooking more since I have become a stay-at-home mom. I usually do all the prep work, and when my husband gets home from work he helps me finish the meals. I also enjoy reading, running, and spending time with my family and friends. I love how food can bring people together!

Erin Schurtz is a mother-to-be working from home out of San Diego, CA. A life-long vegetarian, she has always loved cooking for herself, friends, and family, and now has a husband that happens to be a meat-lover that she cooks for. Although her dinner parties are well-known and talked about, she is better known for her delicious cupcakes which she often creates for weddings, birthdays, etc. 

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  1. Ladies,

    I am so glad I found you on Pinterest! Love the blog. Love the recipes! I am definitely planning on trying some out in the very near future.

    Keep 'em coming!



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