Homemade Sweet Grape Juice (No Juicer Required)

Juicing is all the rage right now and I totally get it! I am juice lover myself. I would way rather drink juice than water any old day. My kids as well.. and when I shop for juice I am always amazed at how pricey it is- how pricey the good, natural kind is! It can be killer on a budget with 3 kids and a momma who gulp it down. We don't own a juicer (yet). But I do have a Blendtec. And yes my friends, you can make juice in a Blendtec. And I'm sure a blender would get the job done as well.

So what spured this grape juice post you're all getting today? Well my lovely husband brought home a huge thing of red grapes. Yay! I was excited and popped one in my mouth to a big crunch..he bought Red Seeded Grapes. This is fine for me.. but not the kids and babe. The grapes sat for a few days uneaten. I felt bad wasting them.. so I tried cutting some up for the kids and picked all those stinkin tiny seeds out. I quit after about 7 grapes!  Then I had the idea to make juice since we had oodles of grapes!

And oh it was delicious. Way better than any store bought. 

So I washed up the grapes. Threw them into my Blendtec. Added some water.. about 400 mls which is a little over 1 1/2 cups. With out the water the juice would be super thick. Then added 1/4 C sugar. Gotta sweeten things up just a tad. You can always go more or less depending on your taste. 

On the Blendtec there is a "Whole Juice" cycle. Whole Juice meaning you are not just getting the juice but you are getting everything that was in the fruit...skins, seeds or stems (don't add the grape stems). This is awesome because those crunchy things that we might not eat are packed with fiber and protein. Whole juice has a thicker more pulpy quality. 

This is awesome and all but my kids wouldn't down the pulp.. so I strained it. I used a fine wire mesh strainer. If you don't have one, cheese cloth would work but very slowly. Strain as much of the pulp as you would like. And that's it! EASY.  Fast. Good. 

Add some ice and sit back and sip your grape juice. Truly just a little sweet joy. 

Homemade Sweet Grape Juice
1-2 lbs Red Grapes
1 1/2 C Water
1/4 C Sugar
Fill BlendTec with grapes (depending on size of blender will depend on the amount of grapes). Add water and sugar. Blend all ingredients in BlendTec or blender. Strain pulp if desired. Serve Chilled.

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