Comfort in a Bowl :: Tomato Potato Soup

Now that February has come to a close, and spring is upon us we will slowly stop cooking our comfort dishes and turn to bikini ready foods right? Salads filled with freshly picked fruits and veggies.

More time outdoors less time cuddled up with a blanket.

It's not quite spring yet, and we have a few cold days left- so I have another comfort food left to post.

>>See, just around thanksgiving I truely came to know the real meaning and feeling of comfort food.

Thanksgiving day Aubrey and I sat with Steph and some family eating a delicious meal when mid turkey we got a text saying our Grandma, who we so admire and love, unexpectedly was going to pass away, probably that day.
I didn't really process what all that meant. I think I just had too much going on, or maybe I tucked it away so not to have to deal with what really was happening in the middle of my dinner, and have an emotional break down. ??
After dinner we said goodbye to our guests and quite literally as I walked into the kitchen to start cleaning up *ding* went my phone.
She was gone, passed from this life to the next and that was when it hit me like a ton of bricks and i cried and cried, to joined byAubrey a few minutes later we just cried together.

Our Grandma was one special lady. She was one special cook, we had just eaten several dishes for thanksgiving that were her recipes.

Two days later Aubrey and I were packed up with 6 kids driving a 12 hour drive in one day in one car.
talk about torture.
We are wrestling kids, and eating greazzy food, tired out of our minds, missing our Grandma, heart sick for my Grandpa. Bleh.

We pulled into our other Grandparents house, ready to keel over. I was completely depleted of everything... energy, emotion, you name it... And I walked into Grandma H's house I smelled the smell of comfort. How had she known? that's just her, she's pretty perfect herself. :)
Love my Grandma H. so so much.

I ate two hearty bowls and felt filled. (But not in a filled food way) in a -
I had a little more strength to buck up and get bed set up, put kids to bed, and wake up to a funeral of my precious Grandma Doxey.

Since our lil' trip I've had cravings for this soup when I've had a long hard week, or I've been sick. It's defintly clicked with my emotions. this soup, my stomach and my heart have all got some crazy chemistry goin on.
From this whole experience I definitly view "comfort foods" in a new light. There are comfort foods and are tastey filling goodness, and then there are comfort foods that remind you of grandma's cooking in your darkest hour. Or your mom's homemade dinner after a lonely day in junior high (ewe jr high)
so, here is my comfort dish from this winter, I hope it brings you some too.

Here is a picture of my Sassy, Beautiful Grandma Doxey- she is to the left.
you can read & see more about her here
(and my Sweet Beautiful Grandma Harding in the middle)

Also, at the bottom are some links a few of Grandma Doxey's wonderful recipes featured on our blog :)

Tomato Potato Soup
6 large red potatoes
6 raw carrots
1 onion
3 celery stalks
1/4 head of shredded cabbage (this is what makes it taste so good)
1 lb hamburger
2 cans of diced tomatoes.
1 (32oz) carton of vegetable broth
2 tsp salt (divided)
1 tsp seasoning salt
1 bay leaf
1 tsp ground sage
1/2 tsp pepper
Fry hamburger, onion together 1/2 tsp salt. drain fat.
In large pot, add remaining ingredients.
Bring all to a boil, add hamburger and onion.
Simmer until until tender.
If needed add more salt to taste.

other Doxey recipes

Her caramel corn + Jazz game = heaven

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  1. Beautiful post and delicious delicious soup!!!

  2. Awww, Desi....brought a tear to mah eye!

  3. Grandmas are the best thing in the world! Beautiful post Des, I love that we have these recipes to think of her when we cook!

  4. I love this picture of her! I miss her everyday... Love reading about her, and your memories of her. She was the BEST cook!!


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