Valentines B&B {Breakfast and Banner}

To continue on with our Valentines series!! (Aren't you lovin' it?!) I wanted to contribute a lil breakfast idea.

Egg in a Basket.. have you ever had one? Kinda reminds me of Pig in a Blanket but an Egg..  in a Basket. Or bread. So not really like a Pig in a blanket. I guess just protein surrounded by carbs.  And I have to kinda laugh at the names, not because they are kinda ridiculous, {because they are} but because I love how foodie people always try and put a twist on the same old thing. Don't just fry up and egg with toast.. you got to combine the two!! OR take any pasta, and BAKE it. Now its "baked Spaghetti" Sooo much more 9th Avenue. The extra step makes it THAT much better. (really?) of course not but we adults like to play with our food as much as our kids. So bring on the weird concoctions with awful names! They all taste delish either way! 

So today I'm not just proposing we make an Egg in a Basket.. we got to throw in another extra step and make it a heart basket. Because our kids are going to totally noticed that we did for them and love them so much more than a plain circle!

Butter both sides of a piece o' bread and cut out a heart. Place that baby in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Gently crack an egg in the middle salt and pepper the top then cover and cook for about 3-4 mins. Place the cut out heart in the pan as well, you can use this piece to lift and see how done your bread is. 

If you don't want a runny yolk go ahead and prick the yolk with fork. Flip over and cook the other side!.. Now that right there is just the right amount of yolk in my opinion.

I served it with a nice pink smoothie...

Milk, lots of strawberries, a banana, a pear, lil spinach and ice. Blend tec it. Lovely breakfast done and packed with nutrition to scurry off to school with.  {I LOVE smoothies for breakfast.. expect to be seeing more in the future!}
And one more thing.. I don't know if you noticed but there is a particularly cute banner hanging through out the pictures of the valentines series. I just wanted to share how EASY it was to make! I have a Silhouette  Cutter but a Cricket would work as well. I simply cut out a bunch of hearts, I got 9 out of a 12X12 total of 54. Then sat down at my sewing machine with some red thread chain stitched the hearts together with a large zig-zag stitch. Took me all of 15 minutes. The only advice I have is to stitch on the upper half of the heart so that it hangs upright. If you go to low, the top have becomes heavier and flips. Not rocket science but thought I would warn you before half of them end up upside down. 

I made 3 to strew across the tree branches. And it really just added a nice touch. They are now decorating our living room! Love them! Annnd love my crazy kids...

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