Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Treats

These are the BEST!! They are super duper easy, look amazing, and taste delish!  I got my cookie cutters from Walmart and they came in 4 different heart sizes. I used the 3 smaller ones and loved having the different sizes. I think it makes the display look prettier and it was great I could eat the small one and not feel so guilty... of course I ate a big one too. At least it wasn't two big hearts, right? I made these already for my husbands office staff for Valentine's Day and they were super impressed!

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispy Treats
4 TBSP Butter
10 OZ Marshmallows
6 CUPS Rice Krispy Cereal
1 BAG Chocolate Melts
Melt Butter in large sauce pan
Stir in Marshmallows
Add Rice Krispy Cereal once Butter and Marshmallows are melted
Flatten mixture into a 9X13 dish (I use parchment paper in the dish because it makes it come out VERY easy)
Let cool for a hour
Take out Rice Kripsy Treat as a whole and use heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out
Melt Chocolate and dip half way
Sprinkle (don't wait to long to sprinkle because the chocolate gets hard and the sprinkles won't stick)

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  1. Super cute and sound yummy! How do you do your recipes to look like cards? I love that!

    1. Thank You! For the recipes we are working with an awesome website called yumprint.com you can sign up for an account and do it all yourself!


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