I Mustache You- Will You Be My Valentine {Kid Friendly Series}

Valentine's in the city.

NEXT WEEK (!!) is Valentines. You have exactly 5 days to get ready. Package up your valentines, decorate you child's valentines mailboxes, get their valentine's all perfect, make class treats and plan something special for your sweetie. It is coming fast! {I swear yesterday was New Years. dont you?} so, don't procrastinate, and hopefully we have helped you out a little with some ideas to make this years valentines pretty stellar.

Have you forgotten already?
Lets Re-cap

Day Uno >>
printables for your mama, your papa, your brothers and your sistas. Grandma, grandpa and everyone else. 

8x10, cards, and gift bags...


Day Dos >>
Homemade Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream Sandwhiches. (to die for)

Day Tres >>
Cranberry Salsa & Lemonade


Day Quatro >>
Be Still my Heart Pizzas and Skewers


Day Cinco >>
<3 Egg's in a Basket & <3 Garland

Day Seis >>
Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies

a little funny
gag reel
us being dorks

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