Be still my Heart pizzas and fruit kabobs!

When I was in college for christmas my grandpa got us all "Pizza makers" for Christmas.  Kind of an odd gift for a college student right?  Wrong!  We had so much fun with those pizza makers in college.  We had personal pizza parties ALL the time!  W bought a ton of different topping, a Costco size bag of mozzarella cheese and for the dough we bought frozen Rhodes rolls.  Combine two together to make a perfect sized personal pizza.  So for Valentines day I thought it would be a fun activity for the kids to roll, cut out and decorate their very own heart shaped pizzas.  To do this I needed the following:

A Bag of frozen Rhodes rolls
1 package of mozzarella cheese
1 can of pizza sauce
sliced olives
pepperoni (cut into tiny hearts)
Flour to roll the dough

To cut them out into heart find the biggest heart shaped cookie cutter you can find.  I found mine in a package of all sizes at Michaels.  I think it was a 5X5.  I used the smallest one to cut out the pepperoni.

If you don't have a pizza maker, use your pizza stone or even a cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 15 minutes.  A perfect interactive Valentines lunch or dinner for the family! Enjoy!

Heart shaped fruit Kabobs!

These are great for a V-day party!  Instead of bringing o fruit salad you can create your own fruit kabobs.  This is what I used, but really you can open it to your own creativity. What you'll need

strawberries (Cut the tops off and cut around the stem to create a heart)
Cantelope (Slice into one inch think slices and use your smallest heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out)
grapes (These I used as decorative fillers)

Arrange on skewers as wanted.  A healthy, cute v-day snack!  So easy.  I put them in a cute Mason jar as a display, but a platter would also work!

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