Happy Halloween! Watermelon Style

Hey friends! Hope that you have a wonderful Halloween tomorrow. As much as I love this holiday, I kinda hate how much candy my kids get. Party Pooper I know, but really its not like they just get a few candy bars. It's BUCKETS and BAGS full. We seriously have 2 large bowls filled from parties so far and they haven't even hit the mother load yet. SO I am trying to encourage a little healthy snacking in the meantime.

Here is a fun treat me and my boy came up with today. He ate it up. This would be an awesome side at a party. I love chocolate but seriously my stomach needs a break! (I always think of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  A good book to read to kids about healthy eating choices and how our bodies feel.)

This was extremely simple.

Cut out a fun top, just like you would your pumpkin.

Scoop it out using a cookie scooper.

Then carve your face! Place the scooped watermelon back inside to snack on. May I suggest making the hole on the head large for hands or utensil to reach inside. Also take your knife and cut of just a portion of the skin on the bottom to make a flat edge. So that your mellow doesn't roll around.

Totally not your typical fall treat, but it is refreshing and healthy. Have the kids fill up on this THEN a couple of candies. Their lil tummies will thank you! Pin It

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