Just thought I would make mention right here, today, on this blog, that we have a few corn recipes that are like cornilishous and cornastrophically amazing but are kind of classics {older on this blog}- with NEW cornderful pictures.

So lest you forget, we will remind you.

and you can add these corny recipes to your menu...

CHEESY CORNBREAD MUFFINS... (wouldn't they pair nicely with CHILI?)

Party Favorite!
I know you are going to be going to all sorts of holiday parties, or HOSTING all sorts of holiday parties. This one is ALWAYS been a hit for me. ALWAYS.
Sweet Corn. Creamy Cheesy. Spicy Peppers. Salty Chips.
need I say more?

 and its simple, throw it in the oven while you refresh your mascara and bump up your hair... grab a bag of chips and its done! see easy.


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