Disney on Ice

Aubrey and I...yes! this is us. we never have people pictures up here right? We have been working on trying to get a picture of her and I up on the side bar for, uh, oh, a long time. but lets face it- trying to get us together when we have both done our hair, make-up worn something other than our "comfy" outfits and brought a camera issss slim. ok, I take the credit for being lazy. my hair is in a pony 99% of the time. Aubrey is good she always looks cute. 

Anyway, We went to Disney on Ice last week and had a wonderful time! I mean, its disney. We took lots of pictures so you can feel like you were right there by us, ok and if it leaves you itching for more Disney on Ice travels everywhere. Lots of shows. 

We went to Disney on Ice 100 years of Magic, so the show was like a collection of all their movies and characters.  I think I took pictures of everything? Lets see. 



Belle slash insert all the princesses her.
This is about the only time you see princesses. so if you are going to a show to see princesses, this is not the one. you get only a few minutes of them.

 Toy Story

 Small World


And they started out with Mickey.
and.....he lost a shoe

haha, oh there it is. 


they had some cool dance numbers. and snow!


Lion King

Disney always ends in fireworks! So fun.

My kids loved it and were entertained during most of it. there were a few kind of boring scenes with movies they didn't really know..but what show or movie doesn't have its down time? It was fun seeing the characters and the props for each act. It was a great family activity. 

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  1. Thanks again for the tickets we won, our family LOVED the show!

    1. Soo glad to hear!! We are happy to have given them :) The show was impressive.


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