a few suggestions {cooking Tips}

MAYbe this is old news. or maybe it isn't? Either way, I found out a charming bit of information and thought that I would pass this on! (in case its news to you too!)
Did you know keeping the avocado pit in with the cut up avocado/guacamole will keep it from turning all brown and weirdo lookin?
Try it! it works.

To keep the avacado ripe....

Still. if it is going to be a while before you eat it, cover with wrap.

may I suggest making
Bob's Guacamole with that avocado...

And then dipping these Creamy Taquitos in it? 

ALSO...a few fall suggestion....



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  1. I never really thought that there is something you can do with avocado to keep it from turning all brown and looking weird. Thank you for the tip. Avocado is one of my favorite fruits for its taste and nutrients.

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