GIVEAWAY!! (one of my fav gadgets)

I have a very wise and noble friend who taught me the value of a pizza cutter. I mean, all I ever used it for was pizza, and the occasional quesadilla. Mellissa used it for everything! EVERYTHING. I'd watch her cut sandwiches and spaghetti, anything for her kids.
I went home, pulled out my cheap $1 store pizza cutter from when we were first married (it was like 6 years old) and tried to cut everything, just like her.
Needless to say it was painful. it was cheap and took some good elbow grease cuttin' anything.
SO.... the next time was at TJMAXX and saw a pretty cutter for a whole $6, my kind of price, and cutter. it was cute and lime green :)
It has been THEEE beST, and it makes life so easy. This morning- I cut pancakes for all my kids in 2.4 seconds flat.

I have checked every TJ MAXX since, for another one. I love it so much I want a back up and for a gift. with much regret- I haven't found it. :(  They have "kitchen aid" pizza cutters, but they aren't like this one. this one is nice and heavy, the ones I find are lightweights.

Good News- You can win it! All you have to do is FOLLOW US! 
thats all.
easy peasy.

I'd love a comment, and a Facebook like. but all that is required is to follow this blog.
(if your already following your automatically entered)

I'll announce a winner next Monday June 18.

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  1. I love this idea. However, I tried to click the "FOLLOW US" link and the error code said it could not handle that request?

    1. sorry Andrea, the link used to work for me but it didn't tonight? I disabled it there. Just do the sidebar follow us until I can figure it out :) I'll work on the link!

  2. I love using pizza cutters for pancakes and quesadillas too! :)

  3. I follow via GFC! Thanks for the giveaway!!!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  4. Can you believe I wasn't technically a follower...even though I really AM!!!?? Anyway, now I'm official. Took me long enough. Sorry.

    Hope I WIN!!!

  5. I have cut pancakes like that but never noodles--great idea!

  6. I follow via GFC!

  7. I've never thought to use a pizza cutter for more than pizza and quesadillas! This just might make life a little easier around here. :) I guess I didn't officially follow you before but I do now. :)

  8. Fun I would love to win.. Im a new follower :) But I have been reading for a while.


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