Team Jason

Hi. Steve and Stephanie here. We've got some friends, Jason and Geri, who need your help.
My husband, Steve goes to school with Jason. We live in the same apartment complex, same congregation at church, oh and we're like BFFs. It's kinda cute. 
We've shared highs and lows, and know all sorts of reeeal personal things about each other's habits, etc. that only your doctor or momma know.

So you knew something was coming, right?
Well Jason has Cystic Fibrosis and he's really really really sick.
Like needs a double lung transplant really soon sick.
Steve and I are planning a fundraiser on June 16 for all the folks around here who love Jason.
We're super stoked (OK and super scared. There are going to be hundreds of people there and we're in charge. Yikes! The most people I've been in charge of is TWO. 
Me and Parker. OK, three...we all know who the third person is, right? ;)

The good thing is that we love them so much, we'd do anything to help them. We really wish we could take away all of their physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments because of the sweet and uplifting people that they are. Alas, we cannot.
Next best thing? Get everyone we know involved.

Seriously, learn more about these two red-heads and watch their video here.
promise it'll brighten your day a little.
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