Cream Cheese Won Tons

Aubrey's post reminded me that she asked me to post my won tons a LOnG time ago...

Mine doesn't follow as good as a recipe as hers....

I mix-with a mixer the following

one package of cream cheese
a couple of chopped green onions (chives would work great)
pinch of sea salt
pinch of seasoning salt
and a shake of Johny's Garlic Spread...found at Costco (only place I have found

Mix till creamy smooth.
put a spoonful in the center of a wonton
I seal with WATER not with egg....it works great, less work. but both ways are fine.

pour veg oil in a pan deep enough that it goes up over the sides of the won ton- but it doesn't need to completely cover it.

heat oil till a drop of water makes it crack

fry up wontons only a minute on each side...till golden brown

serve HOT with our favorite...Sun Luck Sweet and Sour Sauce. Comes in a

or by your favorite asian inspired dish.

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