Hug Hess Pasta Salad

We call it Hug Hess pasta salad because we totally stole the idea from this great little place in Ogden, Ut! Such a simple and refreshing salad.

Hug Hess Pasta Salad
Tri-color pasta
2 or 3 tomatoes
Mini carrots or shredded carrots
1 can of Pinto beans
Mozzarella cheese
salt, pepper, and onion powder to taste
olives and chicken
Cook pasta until tender, dice tomatoes cucumbers, carrots and mozzarella. If using frozen broccoli thaw and press water out. Drain and rinse can of pinto beans. You can add sliced olives and chicken if desired. Mix everything together pour a bottle of western family Raspberry Vinaigrette on top. You may add a little sugar to sweeten it up.

I like it best the second day--you may wish to prepare it a day ahead. Make sure to stir before serving, so the dressing isn't all on the bottom. The vinaigrette really makes or breaks the salad so be sure to pick a good one!
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  1. I love love love this salad. We make the salad and then go get the dressing from Hug Hess. The dressing to me still cannot be duplicated. Thanks!!


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