Guacamole and Bacon Deviled Eggs

... Yes please to that title! Bacon and Guac, two of my favorites.

This post goes right along with yesterdays how to make a perfect hard boiled egg. And because it is Easter Season, we are all boiling eggs and dying them in bright awesome colors.. there are some super cute designs on Pinterest right now. I am probably going to be applying some gold leafing to mine- those are looking ridiculously adorable (and yes, I mean my eggs) I keep a few eggs to myself to decorate and let me kids go crazy on theirs. I really don't know who has more fun decorating the eggs, me or the kids.
Aren't hard boiled eggs amazing? I love turning them into deviled eggs. I typically do the whole ground mustard and paprika seasonings, maybe a little vinegar. But I needed a change. So I decided to try the glorious avocado, and loved it. The bacon bits on top were not necessary, but added a very nice smoky rich flavor.

To make this add in your egg middles, 1/2 C mayonnaise, 1 tsp ground mustard (kept true to tradition with that one), and 1/2 cup guacamole. I love the pre-made, Wholly Guacamole brand, but if you don't have any on hand and 1/2 an avocado will work.  Take all of the a mix til creamy with a hand mixer. Salt and Pepper to taste.

Now I want to share another tip. You can always scoop the filling in with a spoon. That will be fun. and pretty. not. I suggest using a cake decorating bag and a tip with a large opening. Get that filling in there faster and cleaner and much prettier. And it really will be fun. It seriously is so much easier than spooning it in.
 See how nice...
Now we can jazz them up a little with the bacon bits. If you are going to cook your own bacon (which usually tastes much better) make sure they are extra crispy. That will help with the crumblage factor. 
Those are good. 

Guacamole and Bacon Deviled Eggs
6-8 hard boiled eggs
1/2 C mayonnaise
1/2 C pre-made guacamole
1 tsp ground mustard
salt & pepper
1/4 cup bacon bits
Take hard boiled eggs and gently cut in half. Combine egg yellows, mayo, guacamole, and mustard in a bowl. Mix thoroughly with hand mixer and salt and pepper to taste. Using a large pipping tip and cake decorating bag to pipe the mixture in the center of the egg whites. Sprinkle bacon bits on top.

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