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It's not like you can sit around eating some fancy dinna you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen for the big supa bowl. No way. your food will not be the "priority"no one is going to want to push pause on the DVR to come sit down for a candle lit dinna of fill-a fish. If you try to do that you'll just get a lot of "in a minute hun,"  "half time's coming up....." or  "its almost commercial break." (where you will say, but thats the only part I watch! lets go during the third quarta.) See. its a no win situation, which is why super bowl supabowl food is supabowl food. Food you can eat while keeping your eyes glued to the game commercials....and if it falls to the floor during the touchdown dance it's not going ruin everything.
I mean, even though I said your food will not be the "priority" it really WILL BE THE PRIORITY.
and we have hundreds of recipes on the blog, so while we will give you a few new ones, we're also going to blast you with the best of the best already here.
talk about overload.
Lets start with Finger Foods

Ash was ahead of the times when she posted this.... its already supabowl tested and approved!

Kadee has requests after requests to bring these to EVERY party. 

These have been pinned over 660K+ for a reason

one of my very Fav

need more? stay tuned!

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  1. I make something almost identical to the bacon wrapped chestnuts but I do it with PINEAPPLE. Try it, it will change your life.


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