Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Is it possible to think of football and not have the 'Monday Night Football theme song blasting through your head? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!!queue guitar and drums. and fireworks. 

Too bad ol' Hank Williams Jr isn't hanging around on ABC still... asking if your ready for some football...Maybe if he was, I might actually be ready? and might watch.. ha. ok maybe not. None-the-less, ready or not- Football is coming!! not on Monday, on Sunda. And there is going to be this big ol' Supabowl Party you are either invited to or hosting right? And now you need to come up with somthing to bring! ah. 

We are here to save you. 
(sigh. love thoughts pulsing through your brain of us)

My Auntie Cammy made this for us over Christmas break, we were hosting a baby shower and she showed up to save us! (sigh.love thoughts pulsing through my brain for her) 

a quick run to Costco and she had everything she needed. 

 yummm. isn't pesto so grand. 

obviously you can make much of this from home. or all of it. or buy half of it and make half.... and you don't have to buy it from Costco either, but since you are going there anyway, you might as well. 
Your going to be very addicted to this meal and will need it in bulk....hehehe. 

so here is what you need. 

bread : baguette for smaller sangwhiches. 
artisan loaves for large sandwhiches *see uncooked pics


Grilled Chicken

onion :purple are prettiest : slick thin

tomoatoes- nice and ripe! sliced thin

cheese of your choice, pictured below is Mozzarella and Parmaigina (all from costoca)

to assemble:
line a baking sheet with foil and place slice bread
Spread a healthy layer of pesto

since we were feeding a large crowd we had extra foil and sandwiches ready to go. when a batch would come out we just pull the foil onto the baking sheet and cook.

Place in 350 oven till cheese is melted.
for smaller baguettes broiler works great too!

This is Aubrey. My sis. Sometimes, often, people get us mixed up. so I thought I would clarify. this is her,  and I, des. am talking. 
She is the prettier one. :) 

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Baguette or Artisian bread from bakery (or any loaf)
a few ripe tomatoes
purple onion
Mozzarella cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Grilled Chicken
Slice bread, tomatoes, onion, and chicken.
On a foil lined baking sheet place bread and layer:
Bake at 350 or broil till cheese is melted.
Baking is recommended for the larger sandwiches so ensure that it is heated through. but for smaller baguettes they heat pretty fast.

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  1. This was fantactic!! Great even when it cools.

  2. would like to join the giveaway stating

  3. Prettier on my toosh! I am so jelly of your hair and eyelashes ladylou. But thanks for the compliment <3

  4. I'm obsessed with pesto, I LOVE it. I made pesto and mozzarella grilled cheese for lunch for a week straight over the summer. This recipe sounds like something I might need to make this week...

  5. I am already a follower and would love to join the giveaway! Thank you for a recipe using pesto. Love it!

  6. These sound delicious... I think Costco is calling my name :)


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