Homemade Chocolate Fudge

Happy Holiday's my friends!! Christmas is getting so stinkin close! And the holiday goodies are just piling in!... to my belly that is. Eek... don't worry I have a very strict New years resolution I am already planning to make the treats less of a guilty pleasure. oh fudge. That's the theme for today! Let me tell you a little about this fudge.. It is another grandma recipe :) My dear sweet Grandma Harding makes fudge every Christmas. You can always spot the fudge platter in the corner, well I do at least. It seems like every year there is a new type of fudge she has concocted too.  White chocolate, nuts, swirl, toffee, dark chocolate, peppermint.. seriously you can probably add anything to this fudge and it would be amazing. This recipe is a nice lighter texture too. So many fudge recipes are so dense, its hard to eat more than a bite. While fudge by nature is rich, this particular recipe has a happy balance. 

So there are a few key ingredients..
 Evaporated milk, chocolate, and shuga... give me some shhuga honey.
Begin by mixing your melted butter, milk, and sugar in a large sauce pan.

 Incorporate sugars then bring to a boil. This entire process, whisk like crazy... don't let the sugars scorch. If you see brown flecks, that is the scorching going on. (Don't ask how I know ;) ) Bring to a boil and whisk while boiling for six minutes.

Remove from heat and stir in the chocolate chips. When combined add in the vanilla. Whisk some more! (I hope you like whiskin) if not grumble some nasty words like oh fudge. Because your hand is about to cramp.
Then add some fluff.

Grumble. Stretch hand. Whisk and done. Freakin fudge.  If you are going to add nuts, this would be the time.  Pour into greased 9x9 or 9x13 depending on how thick you want your fudge.  Let cool. Stick in fridge to expedite the process.

Slice into squares and serve! So easy! and you have one buff man hand now! haha!
Merry Christmas everyone! We hope your holidays are wonderful and safe, bring some goodness to your home and go get cookin. 

Homemade Chocolate Fudge
3 C sugar
3/4 sq. (6 Tbsp) margarine or butter
2/3 C evaporated milk
2 tsp. vanilla
12 oz pkg semi-sweet,milk chocolate, white or butterscotch chocolate chips
14 oz. {2 jars} Kraft Marshmallow Creme
Nuts (optional)
Combine by whisking sugar, margarine and milk in 2 1/2 qt. saucepan. Once sugar is dissolved bring to a boil, stirring constantly. If you see brown flecks, turn heat down slightly and whisk more (that is the sugars scorching.) Boil for 6 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in chocolate pieces until melted. Mix in vanilla then marshmallow creme. Whisk until well combined. Add in nuts if desired.Pour into greased 9x9 or 9x13 pan and let cool. Place in fridge to speed up cooling process. Cut and enjoy.

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  1. Would you check your recipe and confirm "1 15 oz marshmallow cream." The picture shows 1 7 oz Kraft Marshmallow Creme. I have never seen a 15 oz jar. This recipe is very similar to the one on the jar that I have used for years but it also only uses 1 jar. Thanks!

    1. And you don't list vanilla in your ingredients, but do in the directions. And what is 3/4 "sq." margarine? giggle . . .

    2. Sorry for the typos! So.. its 14oz. I use 2 of the containers. Makes it a little lighter than typical fudge. 3/4 sq. is about 6 tablespoons so I added that in the recipe card to clarify! Thanks for your feedback!


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