Holiday Ho Ho's {Trader Jo Joe's Copy-Cat recipe}

Holiday Ho Ho's  {A Trader Jo Joe's Copy-Cat Recipe}

Trader Joe's has some of my favorite Christmas treats. Among them are their Jo Joe's. They are similar to Oreos with chocolate wafers but have a peppermint cream in the middle.  After buying a package and eating them within 24 hours, I realized that I could bake something like it at home.  With a homemade Oreo recipe and some candy canes, I thought this Christmas season I could make my own Jo Joe's.  I present to you the result of my experiment:  Ho Ho's (I'll keep it clean without the "e").  They are so delicious!

Holiday Ho Ho's

Chocolate Wafer
1 C Butter
3/4 C Sugar
1 t Vanilla
1 C Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
1 Egg
1 1/2 C Flour
3/4 C Cocoa Powder
1 t Salt
1/2 t Baking Soda

Cream Filling
3/4 C Butter
2 1/2 C Powdered Sugar
1 1/2 t Vanilla
1 1/2 T Milk
3 Peppermint Candy Canes
Make Chocolate Wafer
1. Cream butter (room temperature) and sugar
2. Melt chocolate chips
3. Add vanilla and chocolate chips
4. Add egg
5. Add flour, cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda
6. Refrigerate mixture for at least one (1) hour
7. Place dough on parchment paper and form (roll) into a 10" long cylinder
8. Place cylinder of dough on the edge of parchment paper and roll paper around dough to wrap in order to eventually slice the wafers
9. Place the paper-wrapped cylinder of dough in fridge for at least two (2) hours
10. Upon removal from fridge, slice dough into quarter inch (1/4 ") thick wafers
11. Place uncooked wafers onto a baking sheet with parchment paper
12. Cook at 350 for 20 minutes
Make Cream Filling (While wafers are baking in the oven)
1. Cream butter (room temperature) and powdered sugar until smooth
2. Add milk
3. Add vanilla
4. Stir mixture until it thickens
5. Place unwrapped candy canes into a closed Ziploc bag
6. Smash candy canes into fine pieces
7. Add candy cane pieces to cream filling and mix well
Make the Ho Ho's
1. Allow baked wafers to cool for 10 minutes
2. Using a butter knife, spread filling on wafer
3. Top wafer with another wafer to make a sandwich

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  1. I think I am going to make these for my work party! Such a fun cookie!


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