The Rotisserie Chicken {Cooking Tip}

The Rotisserie Chicken is one of my secret weapons!  I use them as a shortcut to creating delicious meals without cooking a chicken.  I love to eat one of these for dinner with a side salad, but I love them even more as an ingredient in a delicious recipe.  The meat is perfect for soups, casseroles, enchiladas, salads and more!

 My Costco sells them for $4.99 - and they are so good!  They are moist, they are flavorful, and cooked PERFECTLY.  When I make a Costco run I buy 2 or 3 along with other bulk items.

When I get home I from Costco I remove the skin and pull the meat from the bones.  I shred the meat into a freezer bag.  This past Mother's Day I got a shiny new food saver - so I seal up the bag using it.  If you don't have a food saver a regular freezer zip lock will work great too!  Just press the air out and seal it closed.

I place them in the freezer along with the ground beef I buy in bulk at Costco...ready to be turned into something delicioso!

Some of my FAVORITE things to make with the meat from a rotisserie chicken are...

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  1. We love roasted hens from the deli also. My family loves quesadillas with cheese, deli chicken, and onions. We do not have a Costco so I pick them up from my local grocery. But, we WILL be getting a Costco by late spring about 65 miles from us and we have already planned on getting a membership.


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