Giveaway on Instagram!!

Yes folks that's right.. we are doing a giveway specifically for all of our Instagramers. Why?! Because we kinda love IG. And we love our followers, so we want to give back for all the love and support that they show us!

For this give away, we will be choosing not one but TWO people! And will be choosing from our IG following list! SOOO... hurry and go follow because this is going to be fast and furious! This giveaway will close on Wednesday..12pm.. the winna will be announced Thursday via blog and IG.

Go find us @ohsodelicioso!

So what are we giving away?! Some craza awesome vinyl!! Halloween Style! I have two sets just sittin here itchin to be mailed! These are nice and big too.. I envisioned them as a large wall decoration, around a picture or flat screen.. or maybe a doorway. OR if you want to make it reusable for next year, it would be so cheap to buy some MDF board at Home Depot, paint it silly and mount the vinyl. Seriously the possibilities are endless! That's why it is awesome!
See.. pretty good size witch lady.

I want to get these in the mail ASAP, so the giveaway is fast and furious. Remember it ends Wednesday. I'll be waitin for you to say 'ello! on IG!!

Oh and since we are chatting, I thought I would share this cute idea.

MALLOWSTEIN> {Frankenstien Marshmellows}

Easy and cute and kids can help. AND chocolate.

So just take a large mallow and dunk it in some melted chocolate. I used candymelts. Dipped them in orange colored white chocolate then hardened on wax paper. Then dipped into chocolate. Again, let harden on wax paper.

For the faces, use a fine tip paint brush and dip in to food coloring and paint away! I loved making them have different expressions. A few of them picked up names too. By the end they were my franky buds and it was hard to munch their brains.. (only a little hard).
They made me giggle.
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  1. Those little frankenfaces make me so happy! Great idea!


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