Fall Checklist {Free Printable}

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year!  I love the clothes, I love the smells, and I LOVE Halloween.  It is a time of year I try to savor and really enjoy.  This year I had a little list going in my head of things I wanted to do to enjoy this season, and then I saw a few checklists for holidays while browsing on Pinterest and thought I should make one of my own.  Here is what I want to do this fall, and you can complete this fun list with me.  Below you will find a free printable.  I framed mine in an 8x10 frame and I use a dry erase marker to mark off on the glass the items we have completed.  We've already done 4 of them - gone on a date, decorated the house, burned fall candles (Leaves from Bath and Body Works is my absolute fav,) and started Christmas shopping.

Here is how I used my list as fall decor.  I placed it right along side my Halloween decorations on my buffet table.  Looks great!

What is your favorite time of year?  Would you like to see more of the checklists for other seasons/holidays?! We can keep them coming! 
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  1. Love this!!! Definatly want to see more.

  2. So cute! Love it, I want to see more too :)


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