Cheese Soup

My little boy doesn't like broccoli. No bribery to eat cute little trees will get him to choke it down. Some times, sometimes whole dessert trick works. and for some reason, when I put this bad boy infront of his face he didn't get scared away by the green things floating around. Instead he and my other children all ate 2-3 bowls. 
and the next day for lunch they all ate bowlfuls again! 

I grew up on this broccoli cheese soup! 

 I want to do my best to convince you to make it, because I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. its smooth and creamy...when you read the ingredients and the instructions you might be a little weary. I know. I have been there. In fact the first time I made this, I didn't follow instructions (lack of faith, too much weariness) and it turned out so bad. SOO bad. So bad that it took me years to try it again. years of craving my mom's soup and too scared to do it incase I failed again. 
but I did! triumphantly. 

This recipe makes enough to feed an army. 
take half to your sick neighbor, or best friend. ORRRR eat it the next two days. It's not like you won't be craving it or anything hehe

This soup recipe is really just a cheese soup base.
You can add whatever veggies you like to it!

Cheese Soup
3 carrots
3 celery
2 small-med potatoes
1 cup broccoli
1 small/med onion
1 T salt
OR if just doing broccoli
3+ cup chopped broccoli
1 small/med onion
Soup Base:
1 16oz jar of cheese whiz
1 1/2 cups butter (3 cubes)
1 1/2 cup flour
3 quarts boiling water (12 cups)
4 cubes of chicken or veggie bullion
In a small pan steam veg with onion in a small amount of water and salt.
do not drain water.
Place cheese whiz in a bowl of SUPER hot water to help it start warming and melting away from the sides.
Heat 3 quarts of water to boiling. (I just heat it in my microwave)
In a Large stock pot melt butter and wisk in the flour. (making a roux) Cook on med-low heat for a few minutes (cooking out the flour-y taste out) and stirring till smooth.
slowly add 1.5 quarts of water to the roux. wisk till smooth.
In remaining 1.5 quarts of hot water, dissolve bullion. When dissolved add water to stock pot, stiring till smooth.
Keep low heat, and let thicken.
Now, add cheese whiz and stir. from here on out you must stir until you take off heat.
you can bring the heat up to medium heat if cheese whiz is not melting.
add veggies. If the soup consistency is too thick add some of veggie water till it reaches your desiered consistency. (I never have to do this... but just incase I wanted to add it)
Remove from heat and serve immediatly.
Serve with yummy bread!

Try this easy yummy french bread.

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