Black Bean Cilantro Dip

Welcome August and happy first everyone! Summer's not over yet, wohoo! 

So question, Do you love beans? I think beans are wonderful lil things. They can add an extra dimension to a meal while adding all sorts of fiber and protein. By nature beans are a little bland so if your eating just beans you might think they are not so wonderful. 

For instance when I was a young girl.. I used to open a can of refried beans and slop some on tortilla with cheese, nuke it for a min and call that a quesadilla. Easy. Quick. Done. GRoSS.  (This occurred in my young single college days when ramen noodles and chocolate banana smoothies were my prime diet.) 

I'm not so single and not so collegic anymore. And no more gross quesadillas. So my point is that beans done wrong can be not so tasty. But done right .. oh my. A nice element can be added to your meal or snack.... 

I'll have to share my refined refried bean making skills with you sometime. We eat some mean dillas around these parts :)

TODAY though.. I want to share with you a black bean dip. Black beans are my favorite of the bean family. And this is my favorite bean dip. My girlfriend Erin from Taming of the Celica Sprue introduced me to this dip a few years ago and I was hooked. 

OK OK one more reason I love beans. I have friends that are vegetarian and a couple that have Celiac's disease. When ever I'm cooking for them or a gathering when they are involved.. beans are a go to. This recipe suits them both! 

Ready for some awesome black bean action?! 

Black Bean Cilantro Dip
1 Can of Black Beans rinsed and drained.
1/2 Cup of your favorite Salsa (homemade pico works great)
handful of fresh cilantro (majority of stems removed)
juice of 1 lime 
1 tsp Cumin (love me some cumin)
Salt to taste.
I recommend reading the preparation instructions a few times... it gets tricky. 
Blend in Food Processor. Pick up tortilla chip. Dip. Eat. Say mmmm.. ..

You can totally do that! ;) Have fun with this one. Let me know what you think. What kind of dinner would you serve this with? mmm.. maybe some grilled veggies..

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  1. Two nights ago (11pm) I got this monster craving for some nachos, but we didn't have any chips. So I kid you not, I made a quesadilla and slopped some cannded refried beans on top. It was to die for :) But this looks even better haha!

  2. My favorite dip of all time!! Great pics!


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