White Chocolate *easy* Popocorn *lowfat version*

I really really love popcorn {its even in my bio, thats how much I love it...} for me, its just the perfect evening snack.
We have a stir crazy so I can make it healthier, less fat, real butter. less oil, {peanut oil} and the best...sea salt. highly recommend it!

BUUUUUT when I make white chocolate popcorn I use microwave popcorn.
 (haha why did I just talk about stir crazy then? I don't know.....)
I recommend using the light butter/low fat popcorn....you can use regular, but too much butter and calories compete too much with the sweet salty white chocolate.

*sigh* popcorn and chocolate....perfect.

White Chocolate *easy* Popocorn *lowfat version*
1 bag of popped popcorn- place in a large bowl.
3 oz, or 3 squares of Bakers White Chocolate
unwrap and place white chocolate in microwave bowl.
Microwave on high for 30 seconds
stir and mush, stir
Microwave on high for another 30 seconds
stir! stir! stir!
microwaving times vary. You maybe done at this point? but probably not, you probably need to microwave for a few more seconds. do it at 10 second intervals.
You want it to be pretty runny- but it is chocolate, it will NOT get super liquidly. if you are expecting it to run like water then you will probably over cook it and it will start to go the opposite direction. thick and pasty.
once reached desired consistency immediately pour over popped popcorn and stir.
Eat. and be nice and share. I know you won't want to.....

I can't take credit to this recipe- my sweet friend (and contributed of this blog) Amy Jo served it to me first.
 love this popcorn alllllmost as much as I love her

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  1. This looks good, what kind of popcorn do you use?

  2. I used orville butter on this batch, but I personally like just any light pop or the 'smart pop' kind.


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