Healthy Macaroni and Cheese ++ WINNER!!

Thank you all so much for those who participated in our mini-giveaway!! We love all the comments and new followers! We have some pretty awesome fans ;) Now for the exciting part, the lucky duck that gets the fabulous flower napkin rings. {I'm jealous!!}
AND the 9th Comment was !!...... KRISTIN!!! yay! So excited for my home girl!! Now you need to drive to Cali to claim your prize! (J/K just come visit) Thanks Kristin for participating and showing some love!

And for good times I'll finally share one of my favorite recipes. A good friend introduced me to this recipe a few years ago and I instantly fell in love and have been fixing it regularly ever since~ I think it has evolved to my taste as well!

Healthy Macaroni and Cheese... yes.. healthy. No creams or butter in this baby. And this can feed basically the coast guard it makes so much!

Oh.. and I should mention my kids LOVE this.

And they have no idea they are eating carrots :)

Healthy Macaroni and Cheese
Secret Ingredients:
1/4th of a red onion chopped
1 cup shredded carrots (I don't shred mine, I buy shredded. But you can just chop up some carrots about 1/2 C regular chopped carrots)
1/4 cup Arborio Rice
16 oz. Chicken or Veggie Stock
11/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese (Some times I like to mix and match cheese~ Mix in a bit of pepper jack for some real fun)
Salt to taste!
To make:
In a large sauce pan boil stock, onion, carrots, and rice until rice is tender, about 15 mins. When done, remove from heat to cool for a minute or two then add to blender and puree til smooth. Here's where it gets real tasty. Add in cheese. Blend again til smooth. Pour over cooked macaroni and serve!

*(I use a whole package because the sauce goes so far, usually a 16 oz pkg or more of elbow macaroni ) About the noodles.. you can be real healthy here and choose whole grain. Yum. If I know I am going to be making it a fun kid friendly night I chose some crazy shaped noodle as shown. That night was the first time we sang the Wheels on the Bus at dinner!

I hope you enjoy. { and don't spill the beans to the kids, it will be our little secret } Pin It


  1. Whatever!! I have never won anything and I have to say i love it! Thanks Aubrey you are the best! And I will be on my way to pick those up in a few months. :) Can't wait to use them! They are so perrrrty.

  2. Aubrey...I just made this and am IN LOVE!!! oh my heavens...SO incredibly delicious!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!


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