homemade tortilla chips

on Sunday I found myself in a bit of a scramble....We had gotten home from our big christmasidaho trip late friday night. Saturday unpacked and cleaned and managed to go to costco for milk eggs and a few other essentials. Sydney's birthday was Sunday and she decided right then and there she wanted tacos for her dinner. We grabbed all we could for the meal and headed home. 

The next day (Sunday, Sydney's birthday) we had the whole feast laid out but I had forgotten chips. how on earth are you suppose to eat salsa without chips. So I started scrounging the internet for tortilla chip recipes. After reading a few I figured out how I would make them...and made them.
They were SO yummy and really very simple I know I will make these more often on taco night. 
They are really really addicting when they are fresh out of the oven. They would hold up perfect in soups- especially taco and tortilla. (we had picked up the costco tortilla soup with the coupon for an easy dinner and this were nice with it. kept the crunch in all the soupiness)

Homemade Tortilla Chips
you need :
1 T veg oil
12 corn tortillas
sea salt or kosher salt
with a basting brush oil each side of a tortilla
Stack all 12 and cut like a pizza
you will need 2 cookie sheets.
lay out in a single layer
and sprinkle with salt
Place both cookie sheets in oven at 350 bake for 10 minutes
then switch cookie sheets shelves.
(top cookie sheet move to bottom rack and vis versa)
you may need longer time or less...you know how your oven cooks...

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  1. Awesome Pictures!! I love the simplicity of the recipe. And what a fun thing to add to a meal?!

  2. sooo I'm pretty sure I'm unhealthily obsessed with tortilla chips. this post just made my day! thanks for sharing!


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