Pico II; and thoughts about tomatoes

I really love pico. pure un-adulterated PICO. not no "pico with peppers and cumin and every other add in....thats SALSA. I want Pico pure. I love every component in it. tomatoes, cilantro, onion, lime and its fresh taste having me craving it like, about, uh, once a week. (maybe more maybe less)

When I make it I really care about the tomatoes. The only thing I make sure I get is good ripe tomatoes. 
Some people say you can only use roma tomatoes for picos. Roma's have less juice to them. which is nice. but I don't feel like roams have a garden fresh taste to them. I hardly ever even find them ripe in the store. It seems like they are too quickly produced for the masses. They are cheap but not tasty. {most of the time} 
I mean if I'm making a TON of salsa or pico I half it. I'll get some of the cheap tomatoes and some of the nice, red, tender-lovin tomatoes. but when its for my meal I'd rather get 2 nice red tomatoes, or a little plastic tub of the ripe cherry tomatoes than 5 hardly red tomatoes. All for the same price. 

It makes a different with kids, at least with my kids. When I make good salsa they eat it and eat it all. when I make "eh salsa" they eat it "eh?"  I say give them rich in color, full of flavor veggies....

With that being said- I'm NOT saying you have to buy organic to get the rich flavorful veggies. get to know your veggies, seasons and stores. For instance, with "out of season" tomatoes I usually buy mine at costco. (or in the clear plastic holders at grocery store) Costco has such good campari tomatoes. 
good price and stay in my fridge for over a week just fine. 

I love using the Campari for a quick pico. 
For lunch the other day I made one of my favorite versions of pico. {a milder version of the real pico.} melted cheese on flour tortillas and spooned out some sour cream. 

8 Campari tomatoes
2 green-3 green onions (this is why its more mild.... mild onions)
handful of cilantro
1 Tbs lime juice
1t (give or take) Sea Salt

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