who would win?

In our early married years- Nate and his gym MTC co-workers would always play this game called...who would win. I don't think they thought of it as an actual game- like hey guys, lets sit down on this park bench and play who would win? No. They would just start going off...asking each other "who would win."
for instance. Who would win- basketball or football.
                Then the recipient would answer with his opinion and why. no matter how valid or ridiculous his answer would be it didn't matter. It is who would win in his mind.
hillarious ridiculously answers were just as good as factual valid ones.

So. Today on who would win is....

HO-HO's VS Swiss Cake Rolls

See. Nate loves himself a good unhealthy, easily packed dessert with his lunch.
 we find ourselves buying a box of swiss cake rolls, oatmeal cream pies and lately his favorite and the pecan swirls. :/

We found ourselves standing in front of the boxed calories wondering who would win? Ho's or Swiss.
so we picked them BOTH up and went home to do a study.

Here they are side by side for your viewing pleasure.

Ho-Ho's left, Swiss Cake Roll right

SO who would win?
Swiss Cake Rolls Hand's Down.

The Ho-Ho's are Dried out.
Ho's are flakey and messy. because they are so dried out.
Their chocolate isn't all smooth, its way more WAXY.
not much difference in the lard filled frosting. (can you tell I LOVE this thing. yes, that is sarcasm)
just the cake swirling around it.

Now that I told you who would win. you tell me who would win in you book.
ok? ok.
comment now.

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  1. I don't know who would win me in a book, but I like to freeze HoHo's before I eat them. I like them better that way. Swiss rolls always cost more, so I just pretend not to know they taste better. =)

  2. I like the lighter colored milk chocolate on the Swiss Cake Rolls. Haven't eaten either for years. Going based on pictures Swiss looks more attractive to me. :)

  3. haha! Hmm.. I would snarf either. Yes terrible I know but something about the cheap treats and kids food I love. maybe some memories tied up in those preservatives and calories?

  4. My sophomore year of high school I had a swiss roll every day for lunch. Man those things are good. I haven't had one in a long time but this post reminded me...I just might have to go and get one.

  5. $0.50 swiss cake rolls tossed in the freezer overnight and then scarfed while standing IN the wonderfully COLD air!!!


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