We decided to do a giveaway!!
We want more followers for ONE reason- We love this blog, we love these (yours and our) recipes and seriously want to share them.

We have been re-working the blog to make it better. (still working on it!)  More pictures, and better design. (Aubrey did the blog design) More recipes and ones you'll likely make. Or at least, recipes so good- that even if they sound "if-y" you should just trust us and make them.

This titian peeler is AWESOME. What? you already have a peeler? ya right. not like this one.
(I know I've talked about this guy before.)

You can google titan peeler and read the reviews.
Its sharp and fast. but yet- so easy to use my 5 year old peels the carrots.
Its the best zester....don't believe me? Read HERE
It has a life time warranty, which I like the security, because I hate when my kitchen gadgets break.
It's just great. amazing. and you would love it.
besides who doesn't want something free.
Go here to watch the video and read more.

So this isn't no pioneer woman kitchen aid giveaway. But there Also won't be 50,000 entrys to win this baby-  you have a chance!!

This is what you will be getting...

Here is the peeler up close... its really awesome. have I said that yet?

Here is how to enter.

for one entry each.

*Follow us -> over there on sidebar

*like us on Facebook  -> over there on sidebar

*post about us on Facebook!! 
*post about us on your blog.

leave a comment and tell me what you did so I know how many to enter you for. 
you can have up to four entries

Ill announce winner next Friday.

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  1. I've liked it and followed And commented! count me for 3 entries!!

  2. You can count me for 3 entries. Liked, follower, and commented. I am about to try one of the recipes.

  3. You can count me for 3 entries! Liked, followed, and commented!

  4. Please count me in for three. I liked it, commented, and followed, thanks.

  5. Count me for 4! Liked, followed, commented on FB and commented on blog!

  6. Where did my comment go? I like you on Facebook, I shared your page, and I am a blog follower. :) And I want to win! haha.

  7. I'm a follower...love your recipes and am always excited to try a new one!

  8. My comment disappeared! I follow the blog, the like you on facebook and posted on my status too!
    3 for me. Awesome giveaway... and awesome blog. I've tried several things and they were all great.

  9. Hey there...I'm good for three entries. I'm a follower, Liked the facebook page, and then shared on my page.

    But if you really love me...then enter me like...hmm...10 times! :)

  10. I am a follower! Looking forward to fun recipes. Love your site!


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