Des's Pico de Gallo

This recipe has no boundaries. I make it all the time, and also get requests for the recipetoo...but since I don't put in measured items I have stalled writing one down....

You really can't go wrong, unless you add too much salt :)
so have at it. Delicious

6+ Tomatoes
the ripest you can find them. Paying the extra for "on the vine" will make a difference in this recipe. Because your sole ingredient is tomatoes. I will even do Cherry tomatoes if they are the best at the store, then throw in a couple reg ones.

1/2 Onion

handful of cilantro
*cilantro is a funny herb. If you home grow it , it will taste SO much stronger, fresher and just plain better. you will need less. If you buy it from the store (as I usually have to) stick with a handful.

juice of a fresh lime
*if you have a juicy juicy lime you may only need half.

Sea or Kosher Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper

{other items you can add. Jalapeno...sometimes I'll take out the seed and rhine, and only had about 1/4 of one diced up, green onions instead of reg., green pepper.)

You can hand chop everything.
Or if you are really lucky, throw it all in a food processor.

but this is how I do it. I have a small food chopper, like a mini food processor.

Quarter the tomatoes and "pulse" so you have small chunks.

after all the tomatoes are chopped I then chop the onion and the cilantro together. I like my onions to be tiny. not "mashed" but small so I'm not bitting into chunks of it.
and cilantro is impossible to chop in those things by itself, so put it with the onion and you will be good.

Toss onions, tomatoes, and cilantro together in a bowl. squeeze lime into mixture. add a good tsp of salt and 1/2 pepper.

**and here is the KEY to good salsa. to make it early enough for the ingredients to marry. If you only have 1/2-hour to let them mix then let the salsa sit out at room temp. and stir a couple of times.

If you make it early enough you can let it rest in the fridge for a few hours. I'm tellin ya, second day salsa is the BEST. and I sometimes have to had a little more salt.

Serve with your favorite Tortialla Chips, on tacos, or GREAT as a healthy snack.

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