Oriental Cabbage Salad

Oriental Cabbage salad is a favorite around our house. I personally love the crunch of the cabbage and the sweet tangy dressing. This is one of my classic go-to salads for barbecues or parties- it is such a crowd pleaser. I remember a few summers ago, my friends husband asked me to make sure to give the recipe to his wife! Nice compliment to me but I though it was hilarious! What-you can't cook? Or because is it because its a salad? To girlie for your manly hands.

 First you are going to want to golden up some almond slivers and crushed ramen noodles with evoo and the beef seasonings. (I may have run out of almond silvers.. forgive me)
 Then chop up some green onions and cabbage.
 Get your dressing ready with a few key ingredients. The sesame seed oil really has a nice flavor.. don't skip on that one.
Toss all together and serve! Might I recommend some Cream Cheese or Chicken Won Tons to go with?!

Oriental Cabbage Salad
2 T evoo
2 pkg beef ramen noodles
1 C chopped green onion
½ C almond slivers
1 small head of cabbage
½ C evoo
1 T seasame seed oil
1 T soy sauce
½ C sugar
1/3 C rice vinegar
1/2 tsp. white pepper
Brown crushed ramen noodles, and almond with evoo in skillet with beef seasonings mixed in. Slice cabbage into fine shreds and chop onion. When noodles are browned toss with green onion and cabbage in a large bowl. Mix dressing well and toss with cabbage just before serving.
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