Potato Fries Cheesey Goodness!

We had these in a friend's restaurant in Orlando...since then we have tried our best to imitate them. THEY ARE DELISH :) but it can totally be made to how you would like it to taste....

Cut 4-6 potatoes into "steak french fries" size. I like them thicker...but that means it will also take a little longer to cook than skinny ones.

After they are cut place in a big bowl or bag, add a couple of tablespoons of Olive Oil, and your favorite seasonings; Mix well..
Seasoning suggestions
A. Jonny's seasoning salt, garlic, onion, sea salt etc
B. Fresh herbs (or dried) thyme, seasoning salts, garlic salt, rosmary, basil
c. Lipton Onion Soup Mix
D. cumin, chili powder, garlic, peppers, onion -For a Southwest Flare
D. Curry and cumin for Eastern Flare
ok you get the point- season the potatoes how you would like it. Potatoes are pretty bland you can go crazy!

PLace on foiled baking sheet, bake 400 for 40 minutes

in seperate bowl (proportion to how many fries you make...: )

about a cup of sour cream
1/2 cup ranch
splash of milk.
Wisk Together
spread 3/4ths on a flat platter
Layer on HOT steamy Fries
add remaining 1/4th of cream mixture
Sprinkle on Cheese...I like to mix my favorites.
Chives or green onions are so yummy on top and make it that much more beautiful!
Place under broiler for an extra minute to make the cheese nice and melted and gooey. Pin It

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  1. fun.. i like easy different dinner ideas. these are a good appetizer too!


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