New Things 'a Coming

Hey guys! Guess what?!
We are getting super-dee-duper awesomer all up in he-yuh.
How is this possible, because we are already pretty rad, yeah?

Makeover baby.

New (darling and interactive) website.
Multiple amazing giveaways (we're talking worth lots of moola here).
Fun photography sesh with our favorite photographer.
Did we mention some serious giveaways?

Next week, when you come to our address, you'll automatically be directed to the new site.
We've had many, many early mornings (er, late nights) and many, many group text conversations (40 missed texts?! Whaa?) brainstorming up this baby.
We hope you heart it as much as we do...

Can we just say thank you?
Thank you to our web designers, Julia and Geoff, for managing all of our crazy requests.
Thank you to our OhSo girls. 
We have bonded over our obsession with all things food and love each of  you dearly for it.
Thank you to our friends, families, husbands, and to our littles. You have each been so understanding of the time we have poured into this baby (maybe some of our littles not so understanding, but they let us make up for it with cuddles) and appreciate your much-needed support. Mwuah!
And lastly, thank you to you. We couldn't do this without you. 

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