talkin taco's

Oh Cherie I LOVE tacos. we  I eat a lot of tacos.
Lets talk about Tacos. Typically, our tacos have meat.correct? That's always a constant. You can have flour or corn tortillas. cheese or no cheese. no salsa, or extra sour cream, but chicken, pork or carne asada- that is what we love! its our special somthin'somthin' on that taco.
well, the guacamole is pretty important too.

Lets talk about how we flava that meat.
I have TWO things to discuss. cause there are two different kinds of meat. Whole pieces of meat (ie steak, chicken breast) and Ground meat.
See below.

I am a meat eater. always have been. Just don't love the breads and the pastas, but give me a steak or some fried chicken and potatoes-and oh, of course, a veggie (my mom raised us right, we love our greens)-  and call my night complete.

Being a carnivore. meat eater. lover of animals dead or alive did I just say that? I have always found the art of cooking the perfect piece of meat interesting. I always paid close attention to chefs, and tv shows. And really I have learned 2 important bits of information.

1. you can season your steak anyway you want. you just need to make sure and add salt, and an acidic liquid to tenderize. (OR you can cook it for a really long time on a low heat)
acidic things...maybe-- citrus juice. any kind of vinegars. I especially love red wine vinegar on my steak.

However Last week I had one of the best steaks of my life. My Columbian friend made it for me.
She used 3 ingredients. ONLY 3
(you can use this for chicken or fish, but do not marinate for very long)

1. fresh (from her tree) lemon juice  natural tenderizer
2. Salt. (lots of salt) seasons and enhances the flavor.
3. Garlic. lots of Fresh garlic.
marinate for 2-3 hours in a gallon bag. flipping occasionally.

Grill. Flipping once. maybe twice.

out of the 6 adults no one wanted BBQ sauce or extra salt. it was amazing. ah- mazing people. Tonight I made it for tacos, and it turned out beautiful.

this is the golden marinade.
try it for your Carne Asada.

Taco MEAT numero DOS:: the ground up meat.

Are you one who buys that packet of taco seasoning?
huh? huh.
I'm very sorry. but you are wasting time, money and adding nasty things to your body.

... lets prove it.

ok, I'm not going to list why all those ingredients are bad. But- you don't need all those oils and salts and who's-a-whats-its to make your taco/burrito/nachos flavorful. 
ok, I will point out Partially Hydrogenated Soybean oil. bad. proof HERE

This, my friend, is all you need, not even all this. 
so save that dollar and change and buy an avocado to make those tacos sing. 

The basic you will need...
 {for 1lb ground beef or ground turkey:}

1/2 a small onion diced
1 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin

seriously! and by the time you add cheese, corn, tomatoes, salsa etc etc etc. its great. 

for extra awesomeness, 
I like to add:

1 tsp garlic salt  or 1 tsp minced garlic
juice of one lime
couple Tablespoons of salsa or 1 tomato diced

There. in like 2 seconds you have left out all the partially hydrogenated and anti-caking agents. 
so easy.so healthy.so happy. 

NOW. lets talk more about tacos. enchiladas. nachos. and taquitos! 

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