Tomato Basil & Mozzarella Bites

I have a little confession. I kinda just dread going grocery shopping. I haven't always felt this way, but the last year or so I just don't wanna go darn it. These feelings of disdain developed after a few embarrassing trips while taking a certain unruly toddler of mine. Who refuses to sit in the cart, loves running down isle 13, sticks everything in his mouth and thinks a tomato is a ball that must be launched across the produce section. (there was a little mess.)

It's either shop with him or at 830pm after bedtime when the hubby is home when all I really want to do is watch a show in my sweats with a cookie. (love cookies and milk). So I just go for the battle and bring all sorts of cavity creating treats to distract him while I rush through. One thing that has helped me enjoy my time  at the grocer, is searching in the unfamiliar areas. Like the Asian isle and trying to figure out what is exactly in that sauce. Or the growing refrigerated organic smoothie section.

The other day while perusing the gourmet cheese section in Trader Joes (<3)  I notice little gem. MARINATE MOZZARELLA. One look at it and I knew I was in love. I love mozzarella cheese anyway..but marinated with all sorts of zingy tastiness and spices?! Oh heaven have mercy.  I decided to try it out in a simple classic appetizer with tomato and fresh basil. And it was just perfect. Sometimes those dreaded grocery trips are worth it.
To make this simple dish, pluck off a few leaves of fresh basil from your basil plant. Because we all have beautiful lush herb gardens in March. Or just buy a plant and use up all the leaves. I still have yet to find a better deal on a full basil plant than from Trader Joes. I am lucky enough to live just a few blocks away from one. I wish they were everywhere!! Any other Trader Joe lovers out there?

Wash your leaves, slice up your fancy cheese, and layer with half of a cherry tomato. Secure with a tooth pick and set on a plate drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. 

This is a great tangy twist on classic appetizer. See all the little spices jazzin up the cheese? Now of course my next adventure is going to be marinating my own mozzarella. If any of you have a good recipe send it my way! ohsodelicioso@gmail.com

 Um.. that plate didn't last long. I recommend making a PLATTER of these.

As always we love seeing your recipes and cooking going on at home! Mention us on instagram @ohsodelicioso if you've cook a meal! Show us your mad chef skills!

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  1. looks bloody delicious, and so simple! deffinitely I'm making these snacks for my next meet-up with friends!


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