We have some winners..

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent giveaway for the Heart Shaped Ravioli Cutter! The giveaway was in lieu of supporting the up and coming product Pasta Partner {which is kinda amazing and I can't wait until it is more than a prototype so I can BUY it!} And hopefully in the future we will be able to give a few of those away on this blog as well! So you will have to stay tuned to find out more when that happens. For now we have some gorgeous ravioli cutters. And 3 winners. If your name is below holla back! {email us} with an address and I'll ship your ravioli cutter pronto! Thanks again for participating!

Winner 1:  AMY!! 

Winner 2: NaDell!!

Winner 3: Susan C!!

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1 comment:

  1. SO awesome! It's been awhile since I attempted raviolis and this will be JUST the excuse I need to try again! My family will LOVE it! Thanks! Email coming soon. =)


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