Every now and again we do these "re-posts" of old posts. This bloggity has been around since before food blogging was big, HOWEVER, it was a recipe blog with just purely recipes, hardly any pictures (if they were pictures, they were pretty pathetic). So while the pictures were sad the recipes were/are NOT! they are soooo delicioso we want you to now see it, maybe remind you of a recipe some of our faithful followers use to make. We are workin our way up that long ol' recipe index and fine tuning these recipes, including taking new fancyshamncy pictures. Afterall, they do deserve the best. 

So for this repost...we have....
drum rollllll please

I have an obession with this lately. This recipe has been one of those I made ages ago and forgot about it. Then I made it again for pictures and have made several more times since! It has the creamy green chili goodness of like, oh, that creamy white chili recipe that's super popular at chili cook offs, but in a Taco.
One of my favorite ways to eat it is in a cooked "uncooked tortilla land" tortilla with cheese, avacado corn and homade pico.
but we have also served it as Nachos.mmmm...creamy chicken nachos.
and my kids LOVE it on their queso's

I used to make this a few years ago, and I always did it with reg cheddar cheese. the last time I made it I followed Amy's recipe to a *T* and made it with SHARP cheddar cheese. It rocked my world! made a huge difference. It wasn't "sharp" at all, just. plain. perfect. 

::imagine yourself:: 
Sunday Morning. 
Breakfast in Bed. 
with Pancakes like these. 

I <3 i="" tacos="">
like so much...
I have a problem

Sugared Almond Salad...sorry, I'm just salivating too much couldn't help but post another one.

Forget Sunday morning, I'm seeing these for Sunday Afternoon. *sigh*

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  1. Making the Tomatillo Chicken tonight for dinner! Can't wait!

  2. Thank you for these reposts! Gave me some great ideas for next week's menu at home! I enjoy reading your blog :)

  3. Love that mac and cheese. So good! I need to make it again!


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