Lemon Prosciutto Arugula & Ombré Raspberry Martinelli's

When we were discussing what would qualify as a "Romantic Meal" some other girl, eh hem,
girls may have mentioned.... We need to keep it light. a little pasta and a little salad- cause lets face it. You don't want to be feeling all grezzy (that's how my southern relatives say greasy incase you didn't get that), heavy & bloated because things might be getting hot and heavy later that evening, if ya' know what I mean, wink wink.

Here is one of Aubrey's favorite salads, especially this lettuce. She is OBSESSED with this spicy stuff. And if she wasn't sick as a dog she'd be writing this to tell you how amazing it is. But she cant! Sooo you should just believe me, and send her some love and maybe healing prayers.

For this divine! delectable! delicate! salad you will need:

Baby Arugula Lettuce (its usually in the plastic containers, not bagged, by the spring mixes)
1/4 lb room temperature prosciutto
1 pear sliced
2 lemons sliced
cherry tomatoes (red or heirloom)

Plate Buffet Style {so you can take as much or as little as one would like}
drizzle with EVOO & Fresh Lemon
Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper

Steph made the tastiest drink....

so she is going to tell you how. and why. cause, why not?

Sigh.... Isn't Target the best? 
I love that place so much. Upon browsing the dollar bins, I stumbled across these darling little heart-shaped ice cube trays. I grabbed them without a second thought knowing I could work some romantic magic out of them. I knew Martinelli's would be involved in our Valentine's, so I wanted red ice cubes...raspberries are my husband's most fave fruit ever, so the decision was made. Love it when that happens so easily..
I pureed about a 1/2 cup of raspberries in my food processor, poured them into the ice cube tray, and the next day I had about a dozen of these perfect little hearts for our Martinelli's! Not only were they cute, but they made our celebratory drink taste that much better! They also gave our glasses an ombré effect, with the red raspberry tint floating atop the Martinelli's. We're fancy like that.

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