I Mustache You.... {A Valentines Series}

Valentines wasn't a major holiday in my house growing up. My mom would get us a little box of chocolates and maybe something else. She'd do sweet things for us and it was a nice day. But the best part was all the valentines from our school mates! aw yeah. that's what I remember most.

Fast fwd 10 years or so, I'm married with maybe one or two kids and watching Jon and Kate plus 8...it was a re-run but still during their "happier" times. I watched as Kate went ALL out for those babies. I'm pretty sure they were still too small to ever be remembering anything. I couldn't believe everything she did! I mean, its just Valentines Day not Christmas...right? wrong! the more I watched the more she convinced me that I wanted to do more on this special love holiday. I love an excuse to make a day special, but this is an EXTRA special day. It's not just about the love I have for my hottie sitting next to me on this here couch, its totally about the love I have for those 3 babies tucked neatly in their bed right now. I LOVE my family, love them to the moon and waaaaaay back, and I love having a day to go all out and make it known.

Whether you go all out or just do a some simple things for your lovelies on Valentines we found and invented a few things to help you along the way. We will have food, decor and of course- Free Printables for a sweet valentines day this coming week. . .

I can't help it...but...

I Mustache You....Will You Be My Valentine?

.....Stay tuned!!
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  1. you guys are too much, this is adorable! i love the table set up. my favorite is the heart glasses with the mustaches on them. so cute. well done as always!

  2. omg! i remember that episode like it was just yesterday! haha! not to mention it was my favorite show, but every valentines day i always think back to that episode and wanna go all out. then i wish i had kids of my own...oh well! if i haven't forgot about that episode now, i dont think i will when i get a chance to actually celebrate it like they did. you did a fab job on your par-tay!


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