Dips Drinks & Desserts

Your Party is going to Rock!
And this is why...because your food rocks. 
You have no control of the score of the game,
 but you can definitely score on the food. 
Here are more of our famous recipes. 

Should we start with The Drinks? 

the Classic

<< The Fizzy >>

Sparkling Apple Punch                                                      Cucumber Limaid

<< The Slushie >>
 Lime Slushie                                                                               Berry Slushie

Next.... The DIPS!
< I may overload you here, just remember to breath >

Things you dip with << CHIPS >>

Southern Dip                                                       No Bean {creamycheesy} Chili Dip

Hot Corn Dip                                                                   Sweet Salsa

Things you dip with << FRUIT >>

Toffee Apple Dip                                                         Fluffy Fruit Dip


Dips that involve << VEGGIES >>

Sweets are a must! After all this savory salty food your palate just craves that sweet thang to finish it all off.

how about...
it doesn't have to be "fall"ish. just delish 

sweet and cool

Pineapple Berry Sorbet                                   Salted Vanilla Bean coconut Ice Cream Cookies

who does not love a good Lemon Bar. I mean, common.

Popcorn and sports go hand and hand. 
well popcorn and anything TV goes hand in hand.

And...I totally forgot to add this to the "finger foods post but it so deserved to be there.
These are awesome. a little sweet and little spicy.

Winger's Chicken Strips

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