The Great Cookie Exchange

I have never been to a cookie exchange before in my life...no worries I didn't feel too left out- I didn't even know they existed, until last month, when us gals were sittin' around chattin' about what to do next....Kadee's idea was a cookie exchange. Then all the girls kept talking about the cookie exchanges they have been to...that's when I realized I had missed out!

so, Behold! We give you---
in your deepest Wizard of Oz voice

The Great Cookie Exchange

The rules are pretty simple. 
You invite guests. 
Everyone brings cookies [enough cookies for guests to take home]
Everyone eats cookies.
Everyone plays a cookie eating contest.
Everyone goes homes 5lbs heavier, but much much more happier. 
(not happy because of the food, right? happy because they just spent time with you. awe sweet.) 

Does this sound like an awful lot of work for you? I PROMISE, its not. We will provide everything for you [well Kadee kind of is] She all the has printables you will need for your saweet party. FREE.
[yes you are going to do this!! you can do this] 

Over the next week YOU lucky duckies get to see all our favorite cookies. 
make as many as you want and gorge yourself. 
Tis the season!
{pshh, you can exercise next month} 

BEFORE we start with the recipes. Let's talk decor. 
Here's what we envisioned. 
simple white plates. 
pom pom garlands and vintage multicolored lights
GLittER and yarn wrapped trees. 
Gallons of milk and paper straws. 

Here... no need for words. 

Since Kadee did all the invites here is her...... writing to you!

To get started with a fabulous cookie exchange you first need an invitation.  Here's ours.  Designed by yours truly! We wrapped it with a little baker's twine for an extra special touch.  I also used one of my FAVORITE tools -- the Corner Chomper -- to round the edges of all of the printables.  I have a love for rounded edges.  Do you need a custom cookie exchange invite?  Visit Kadee HERE for a custom order.

Next - what about a little friendly competition to make things exciting?  Hold a "Best Cookie" contest and let your guests cast their vote after sampling all the goodies.  We've got ballot cards and a sign to make your contest perfect.

Download the sign HERE.  
It is formatted to 5x7 so it can be easily framed or hung from your ballot jar.

Download the ballot slips HERE.

What about a favor for your guest?!  Thank them for their hours in the kitchen and for the oh so delicioso contributions!  We tied our little thank you cards to a mini cookie cuter.  They made a perfect little favor for our friends.

Download the thank you tag HERE.

Your guest will most definitely want to take home instructions on re-creating the little piece of heaven they just consumed...so give them a recipe card to jot down the specifics. 

 Download our recipe cards for free HERE!

Get ready to start baking! Hope you enjoy all these free printables!! Normally design packages like this are not so free, this is a treat indeed.  Pin It

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