Cutest cookie presents on the block!

Tis the season of cookie making.  Cookies for holiday parties, cookies for neighbors, cookies for friends, cookies for class treats, cookies for family time!  With all of these cookies, there has to be a better way to package them then on a paper plate will cellophane wrapped around it.  Worried about cost?  I have the solution!  Three cookie packaging ideas for 1.25 each!  Done and done.  So easy.  I used things that I already had in the house; ribbons and bows, I just needed the containers.  So I went to my favorite place.  The Target dollar spot.  They had Christmas Chinese take out boxes, and these really cute clear covered containers.  The other thing I went to target to get was a box of Pringles to wrap in holiday paper.  Find some cute holiday tags to tie around the container and wala! A polished, put together way to give your cookies a new look for your friends, teachers and family for the holidays!  Below are just a few examples I put together.  Happy cookie wrapping!

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