Last week my family and I went down to San Diego to go to Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailiey's Dragon show and it was amazing! I thought I would take a few minutes to post a few pictures. I will...eventually post a way more indepth post on my personal blog- of EVERYTHING we did down in SD...and lots of pictures of the circus. But, until then, here were some of our highlights of the day.

Early afternoon we went to a Big Cat event where we were able to meet Alexander Kacey himself, and his sweet daughter. He had an awesome accent. and was pretty young. and really nice. which, I was surprised at all of those. well, I guess the accent wasn't too surprising-- but I expected it to be more like Dundee's or an Irwin's Aussie accent. it was an elegant English. I think? haha. not to knowledgable on the accents.

His family, for generations has been breeding and training big cats like this. way cool. maybe they can adopt me?

kissy kissy.
look at those fangs.

Some of the cats have been bread for like 11 generations back. I just can't believe people do this as a living....I guess it makes sense, and someone's got to do it right?

Will even tried out the clown nose.

It was so bright we couldn't open our eyes, but it wasn't sunny!

1.2.3. everyone open their eyes!
ahh can't.

hours later was finally the performance. my kids were in heaven. Nate and I were very entertained.

Alexandar Kacey- sitting on a lion. (ha, or about to)

One of the female lions was pretty feisty. She kept swiping at him, and at one point backed him into a corner. Alexandar Kacey said "it was all part of the show' but I don't know. Nate certainly wasn't convinced it was part of the show. ..you can see here the cat starting to come onto him.

jumping through fire. can you see the man- he is in the middle of the fire jumping through...

 Loved watching the elephants. aren't they just awesome creatures.

A man, early 20's, sitting next to me was almost more of an entertainment. he kept jumping up and gasping. hilarious.ESPECIALLY when the motorcyles came out, and they kept adding and adding more and more bikes. They got up to like 10 in this tiny ball. It was holdyourbreath crazy.

Ta. Da! All done. We honestly loved it. And if you get a coupon- it's like the same price as a movie ticket. maybe in some states less than a movie ticket and SO much more entertaining. 

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  1. Ah - about the lions and tigers - we saw the show in Anaheim - and the same thing happened - played out just like you said - and I thought - No way - he is playing it off - but since the same thing happened and he said it's all part of the show to you guys too - I am guessing now that it is part of the show. However, one of the acrobats missed their catch and fell to the net. That was awesome too! Great circus - I haven't been in like 30 years - my 9 year old loved it and so did my husband and I!


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