You know how kids sometimes just don't give food a try? {ha, heavy sarcasm there} You know they would love it if they would JUST try? I was totally that kid with chinese food.
I knew I liked steak and I knew I liked rice.  Broccoli was eh.... {I didn't have to many problems with veggies} I didn't want anything spicy or fatty, or who knows what.
I tried beef and broccoli, fell in love and I stuck to it. Didn't want anything else. No sweet n' sour, nothin. My parents were kind enough to always entertain my neediness and get a carton of it. Ha, even now they always get a carton of it...though I'd probably choose a few other dishes over it.

You know how your parents {and the rest of the world} say that the universe will one day come back and bite you in the butt and give you a child JUST LIKE yourself?

I got a mini-me. and two things she like...
We hit up panda- she orders....guess. I give you 2 guesses.

no. not chow mein. com'on people.
'beefbroccoli and side of white rice pleeeease.'

I even found out yesterday that broccoli is her number 2 favorite veggie.

With all that information right there you'd think that I'm going to tell you I'm an expert at beef and broccoli and have made it for years. sadly, shockingly (your jaw is dropped) I haven't!! Out of all my favorite foods, I have never made it till recently.
I guess I'd just rather have someone else cook it for me.
or some else cook anything for me!

After much research, and many recipes later- I have the quintessential recipe right here...below.
I think you will agree.

Beef and Broccoli, or BroccoliBeef
2 large crowns of broccoli, washed and cut
1 lb of steak, thinly sliced
2 T oil, (can use EVOO or if your fan sesame seed is yummy. maybe half it?)
1 tsp beef bouillon
3 T corn starch
1 heaping tsp of garlic
1 tsp of fresh ground ginger
2 T of brown sugar
1/3 cup soy sauce
1 T of cooking white wine, or oyster sauce, or rice wine vinegar **
1+ cup water
1 small onion chopped OR 2 green onions chopped.
In a pan brown the thinly sliced steak in hot oil. If you are using a REGULAR onion add now and brown with beef.
While beef is browning, in a separate bowl add water, corn starch, bouillon and white wine/oyster sauce/rice wine vinegar.
*if you don't have any of these things on hand you will probably be fine without. HOWEVER the wine, oyster sauce, or vinegar is important in my opinion- it adds a third dimension to the sauce.
It adds a nice 'savory' flavor. Savory is NOT salty, or sweet- its a whole different category. I won't get all Alton Brown on you here, just trust me and use one of them.
I used cooking white wine, because my rice wine had just ran out. It was delicious.**
When Beef is just barely browned on both sides turn heat down and add soy sauce, ginger, brown sugar and your nice heaping spoonful of garlic. you can add two if you want.
Bring heat a back up and add your water mixture (haha, that sounds pleasant).
Stir till combined. bring to a bubbly simmer.
Now add broccoli and green onions (if you chose green).
Cook till broccoli is at desired tenderness. If sauce is a too thick for your liking mix in a couple tbps of water at a time till desired consistency.
Serve over your preferred rice. maybe with a side of won-tons?!

Not going to disappoint your mini-me's :)

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  1. This looks sooooo good!!! I have tossed around beef and broccoli recipes and never found one I love. This is def going on the dinner menu.


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