Lets entice

Here are some recipes that have been updated with pictures. I hope it entices you to make them!!!
I LOVE this chicken tiki masala recipe that steph posted a while ago. We didn't have good pictures, and it had been a coons age since  made it, so I put it on my menu :)

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Chicken Tikki Masala

Confession- Amy posted these pork chops a long time ago too. and I NEVER made them. She told me they were wonderful, I put it on my menu and bought everything for it....and failed. didn't make it. what kind of a friend am I,
Well I'm proud to announce, Amy, that I did make it. I made it for a big group of people. I used nice thick Costco pork chops (bone-in) fried them up (a little too fried) and baked their little hearts out.
they were SOO GOOD. tender, juicy, and the gravy was my FAVORITE. there wasn't enough gravy in the pan. next time I need to double the savory gravy. it made the cake.

Baked Pork Chops

Aubrey's Famous Green Enchiladas
our whole family (grandpa included) loves these! they needed a better picture. I don't know if this is the one. we may need a different. the enchilada sauce is more creamier

Green Enchiladas

And finally, have you ever had German pancakes? They are a simple and fun little adventure to try. Perfect for the lazy morning and late breakfast kinda day. Drizzle your favorite syrup over and enjoy.

German Pancakes

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