Hunger Hits Home

Last night I attended the red carpet premier of the Food Networks Hunger Hit's Home Documentary. 

(all thanks to The Sassy Saver!)
This night was all about raising the public awareness of the astounding number of children, in our own powerful country, who go daysssssssss without eating.
The night started out with a red carpet- where come celebrities talked to us, "the press" about their thoughts on the matter.
Then there was drinking and socializing...... I did get to talk to Melissa D'Arbian. I watched her season of the food network star. I wanted her to win- and was so happy when she did!! the Potato Au'gratin recipe on this blog is inspired from her!! I told her so :)
Then we moved into the theatre. There were thanks given, and thoughts about making movie- and we watched.
The documentary was very good- it did educate me , and introduce me to programs I was unaware of, but I also felt it had its own political agenda that I don't necessarily agree with. It did kind of drive me crazy- and as I thought of it on the car ride home I thought- Christ would help these people regardless of the silly politics, and in the end, the problem is still the same- kids are hungry and we all can do something to help that. WE ALL can do something. no hungry kids! I am as strapped for money, and time as the rest of you are but this really had made me decide to make an effort and just plain do it. I mean, once a month donating some food or service is not a big deal. If your wealthy- of course just writing a check and putting it in the mail is a whole lot easier, but I'm not wealthy. ha :)

This movie will air on Saturday at 8/7c and will be available online at 9. Here is the link:

Food Network Share our Strength

I do encourage you to watch it. I hope you walk away with the feeling and desire to serve the community. We can do good. We- you- can make a difference.

no hungry kids.

Now...the fun part. goofy pictures and celebrities!!

(for a more in-depth discussion on this part- you can go to my blog

 Brandon Tyler Russell 
(Smitty, Tosh O.)

Keven Eubanks
(used to be on tonight show)

Tenille Houston
(GCB, Bad Girls)

(Down home with the Neely's)

Ian Shive
(Award Winning Nature Photographer)

Jennifer Freeman
(my wife and kids)

Clement von Franckenstein
(The Five-Year Engagement, Take Me Home Tonight

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  1. Your such a rockstar now!! What a fun night!


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