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I'm looking for a tried and true homemade chicken noodle soup to go along with my grandmothers delicious homemade bread. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated! Pin It


  1. My mom makes great chicken noodle soup. But I don't know if there is a recipe. She does boil a whole chicken in water- like all day in a large stock pot. adds some salt to it too. in the early evening she will pull the chicken out and take off all the meet, add some veggies and dumplings. probably more salt and pepper. I'll see if she has one written down and post it :)

  2. We make a homeade chicken noodle but same deal not really a recipe. I boil chicken also(usually just leg quarters not a whole chicken)Then de-bone it and add onion, celery, and carrots. I add chicken soup base (from WinCo)it is like a powdered boullion, but really good. Salt and pepper to taste. The highlight...homemade noodles. They are easy and they make this soup DELISH. I have used store bought noodles (even the good ones from Costco), but I never like it as well without homemade noodles. Everybody I have made this for loves it (maybe cause they are usually sick when they get it and chicken noodle makes everyone happier!) I don't know, but two key steps Boil Chicken and homemade noodles. If you want the noodle recipe email me. crystalblau@hotmail.com. Do you like tomato soup? I have a yum, yummmy recipe and I love to dip me some bread in tomato soup.


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